Electroplating line
Gantry type aluminum anodizing line

Anodizing refers to the process of forming a conversion coating layer with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other functions or decoration on the metal surface. The processing object of aluminum anodizing is mainly non-ferrous light metal materials, especially aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys , titanium and titanium alloys. The film layer obtained by aluminum anodizing treatment is better than the conversion film obtained by chemical oxidation, and the film layer is thicker, regardless of its density, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

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EVEREST is a professional manufacturer of electroplating equipment and has a high reputation. The products are sold in China and around the world and are widely praised by customers. Focus on the electroplating equipment manufacturing for more than 20 years, has a wealth of theoretical basis and production experience, to provide customers with high-quality, reliable electroplating equipment. From the selection of materials and design and manufacture, in accordance with the principle of quality priority, we produce equipment that meets requirements of customers. EVEREST products are reliable in quality and durable, and are your reliable partners.

EVEREST’s electroplating equipment is one design for one customer, which truly meets the actual needs of customers and fully meets your needs in quality and production processes.

EVEREST supplies the life-long maintenance of the equipment, customers have no worries about the rear, and escorting the production of customers.

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