Electroplating line
Gantry Anodizing plating line

Anodizing refers to the process of forming a conversion coating layer with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other functions or decoration on the metal surface. The processing object of aluminum anodizing is mainly non-ferrous light metal materials, especially aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys , titanium and titanium alloys. The film layer obtained by aluminum anodizing treatment is better than the conversion film obtained by chemical oxidation, and the film layer is thicker, regardless of its density, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

Product Description

Energy supply Power supply 380V/415V/440 V, 50/60Hz or based on customer plant requirement
  Water supply City water or tap water 
  Heating Electric or steam or air energy, based on customer requirement 
Auxiliary equipment  Pure/DI water treatment system  Optional 
  Waste gas treatment system  Optional 
  Waste water treatment system  Optional 
Design function  Application  Metal anodizing 
  Production capacity  Designed by customer requirement 
  Operation capacity  Designed by customer requirement 


1. Crane: Gantry type

2. Flying bar with PE seat 

3.  Long racks for hanging profiles 

4. PLC control system 

The main control body of the production line adopts Omron/PLC programmable program design controller imported from Japan. The system has strong function and fast speed, so as to ensure the high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation and comprehensive functions of the production line.
The production line has the function of fault alarm and prompt the fault station, which is convenient for maintenance.The program can be compiled and modified on the touch screen according to different work pieces and different process parameters, which is convenient and fast to use.Specific function description is as follows:


1) The system runs stably and reliably.Due to the selection of Omron/PLC, equipped with14 inch touch screen, imported (Schneider) control elements and special measures, the whole system has strong anti-interference ability and can operate stably for a long time without being affected by the surrounding industrial environment.
2) The system has two states of full-automatic and manual operation, which can realize the segmented manual control for each process.In case of failure in the full-automatic state, manual operation can be selected. After the failure is eliminated, the automatic operation can be restored, and the whole line will not be affected due to the failure of a station element, resulting in shutdown.
3) The imported Mitsubishi frequency converter from Japan is used for speed regulation, and the absolute address code is used for positioning, which is accurate (controlled within ± 2 mm);When running the program, it has self diagnosis function.
4) The system is equipped with a variety of software and hardware safety interlocks: to prevent faults such as out of limit translation, out of limit lifting, anti overlap, mutual collision and motor overload.
5) The production line is equipped with an audible and visual alarm device, which will give an audible and visual alarm in case of system failure and sound a prompt at the beginning of production every day;During operation, the sound system can be turned off and the flash system can be retained.
6) The production line is equipped with a manual operation box on the operation surface, which can realize manual / automatic conversion, system start / emergency stop, translation and lifting.
7) Operation (each crane is equipped with a remote controller for wireless remote control).
8) The production line can realize the flexible control of the whole line, optimize the users’ process and form a control program. The user can call it conveniently on the touch screen, and it is easy to master the programming method.
For the modification of process parameters, the user can modify the process parameters on the touch screen, such as anodizing time and current value.
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