Control System
Microprocessor control system


Microprocessor control system, diagnostics and regulation of the diesel locomotive


  • automatic temperature control systems for diesel heat carriers;
  • electric drive of the compressor and electric circuits of traction motors;
  • battery, semiconductor power converters;
  • power supply generator and traction alternator drive circuits;
  • the condition of the filter elements of the diesel engine lubrication system;
  • malfunctions in the units and systems of the locomotive that pose a safety risk.



  • hydraulic characteristics of cooling radiators;
  • water level in the expansion tank of the cooling system;
  • insulation resistances of low-voltage and high-voltage circuits;
  • the main parameters of the turbocharger of the diesel engine.


And also

  • checking the working status of sensors;
  • accumulation, storage and transmission of diagnostic data for subsequent analysis;
  • management and protection of diesel locomotive components and systems.

This display unit and its versions are designed for installation in the cabs of  train

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