Alkaline galvanizing or acid galvanizing ?

Feb. 09, 2022   |   1197 views

At present, there are two kinds of zinc plating additives on the market: alkaline and acidic.

Among them, acid zinc plating occupies a certain market share because of its fast light output speed and good decoration.

However, alkaline cyanide free zinc plating additives will certainly become a more mainstream zinc plating process.Compared with acid galvanizing process, it has the following advantages:

1.  Strong uniform plating ability – the high and low positions of alkaline cyanide free zinc plating additives are evenly distributed, and the difference of coating thickness is small;

2. Better binding force – the coating has good binding force and low brittleness;

3. Excellent depth ability – alkaline cyanide free zinc plating additive has higher tolerance to impurities and excellent deep plating ability;

4. More corrosion resistance – because of the microstructure and distribution of different coatings, the corrosion resistance of alkaline zinc coating is significantly better than that of acid zinc coating;

5. The maintenance is very simple – the plating solution of acid zinc plating additive is unstable and easy to produce impurities; However, it is very stable, does not produce impurities, and is less affected by impurities, so it is easier to maintain.