Hardware Electroplating Process: The Goal and Four Attention Points of Electroplating

Nov. 10, 2023   |   133 views

Hardware Electroplating Processing Factory Process Treatment Series: The purpose of electroplating zinc in electroplating processing is to prevent corrosion of steel objects, effectively improve the corrosion resistance and service life of steel, and also enhance the decorative beauty of the product. Steel will be weathered and rusted over time, and corroded by water or soil.

The amount of steel that is corroded every year in China accounts for about one tenth of the total amount of steel. Therefore, in order to protect the service life of steel or its components, electroplating is generally used to process the steel.

Due to the fact that zinc is not easily changed in dry air and can produce a basic zinc carbonate film in humid environments, this film can protect internal parts from corrosion damage. Even if the zinc layer is damaged by some factor, the combination of zinc and steel will form a micro battery after a period of time,

And the steel substrate becomes a cathode and is protected. Summary: Electroplating has the following characteristics and precautions:

The goal and precautions of electrogalvanizing:

1.Good corrosion resistance, meticulous and uniform combination, and less susceptible to corrosive gases or liquids entering the interior.

The goal and precautions of electrogalvanizing

2.Due to the relatively pure nature of the new layer, it is not easily corroded in acidic or alkaline environments. Effectively protect the steel body for a long time.

The goal and precautions of electrogalvanizing:

3.Various colors can be formed after chromate passivation, and can be selected according to customer preferences. Galvanizing is beautiful and elegant, with decorative properties.

The goal and precautions of electrogalvanizing:

4.The zinc coating has good ductility and will not easily fall off during various bending, handling, impact, etc.