The importance of electroplating solution temperature in plating production line

Jan. 19, 2022   |   485 views

Electroplating is closely related to our life, such as door handles, faucets and other hardware accessories, auto parts, etc. Electroplating technology is widely used in production and manufacturing. It belongs to surface treatment technology. A layer of coating on mechanical products can not only decorate and protect products, but also make up for wear.Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality electroplating products, there must be strict quality control.

Electroplating production line, it is composed of many equipment, such as electroplating tank, agitator, heating and cooling device, circulating filtration equipment, etc. the excellence of the equipment directly affects the output and quality of electroplated parts.

In the electroplating process, anode material quality, bath composition, temperature, current density, power on time, stirring strength, precipitated impurities, power waveform and other factors will affect the coating quality, which needs to be controlled in time. In this process, temperature control is an important temperature parameter.

According to different coating materials and additives, different temperatures are required, such as tin plating temperature of 18 ℃, zinc plating temperature of 30 ℃, copper plating temperature of 11-40 ℃ and silver temperature of about 10 ℃.

In addition, the uneven temperature distribution in the bath space (higher temperature near the heating tube) is also a factor affecting the bath temperature.

In addition, different electroplating processes will also increase the temperature.

Because the temperature changes greatly, a high-efficiency and high-precision temperature control system is needed.

In order to save energy, the best cooling method is tap water cooling, but in order to cooperate with the realization of coating of various materials, efficient cooling device with adjustable temperature difference are essential equipment in each electroplating production line.