What are the requirements for metal parts before electroplating?

Apr. 11, 2022   |   1271 views

The performance of metal parts plays a very important role in the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, we need to improve the performance requirements of metal parts according to the specific requirements of mechanical equipment. Many manufacturers will use electroplating to improve the performance of parts, but we Before electroplating parts, you need to pay attention to five quality points.

1.  Before electroplating, the parts should be cleaned of oil seals. After the oil is removed, the surface of the parts should be free of excess objects such as oil stains, oil stains, metal chips, and coloring of mechanical processing lines.

2.  The parts to be plated should have no mechanical degeneration and mechanical damage, and no oxide scale, spots, unevenness, burrs, scratches and other defects that affect the quality of electroplating and product performance.

3.  Bolted components are not allowed to be directly electroplated and chemically treated, riveted parts, welded parts with gaps, and castings with excessive blisters are not subject to electroplating and chemical treatment in principle, otherwise, the electrolyte will flow into the gaps and cause corrosion;

4.  For welding parts with complex inner cavities, there should be process holes for liquid and gas discharge in the parts that do not affect the use. In order to ensure the quality of electroplating, large parts should have suitable process holes.

5.  After heat treatment, the surface of the workpiece should be cleaned, and it is not allowed to have unremoved oxide scale and residues (such as salt, alkali, molding sand and agglomerates caused by the unremoved oil on the surface of the workpiece before heat treatment). Slight scale, rust corrosion phenomenon.