What are the requirements for plastic electroplating on plastic parts

Apr. 19, 2023   |   233 views

The quality of plastic electroplating is mainly determined by the adhesion between the coating and the plastic substrate, as well as the distribution performance of the coating. To obtain good plastic electroplating parts, in addition to using excellent electroplating processes, it also largely depends on the quality of the plastic products themselves, especially for decorative electroplating parts that perform more prominently in this regard. If we do not consider the characteristics of the electroplating process and blindly design and process the molds for electroplating plastic products, as well as arbitrarily inject them into the mold, it will lead to inherent deficiencies in the plastic products. During the electroplating process, there will be numerous problems, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency, a decrease in qualification rate, and serious waste of materials and labor hours. This is not cost-effective, but it is often overlooked.

Actual production shows that there are generally the following requirements for plastic products that require electroplating:

(1) The requirement for the plastic pressing process is that the internal stress of the workpiece should be small, and silicone oil should not be used as a release agent. At the same time, there should be no overflow or burrs on plastic parts;

(2) The surface is smooth, without air threads or cold seams, and non decorative surfaces or inner surfaces can be machined into rough shapes to improve adhesion;

(3) There should be no blind holes, and if necessary, the hole depth should only be 1/2 to 1/3 of the aperture; (4) There should be no right angled edges or sharp corners, and the fluctuation of the decorative surface should not be too large;

(5) The wall thickness of the product should be uniform and above 1.5mm;

(6) Do not use a partially uncoated design, and avoid using metal or other material inserts;

(7) There should be a convenient process location for installing hanging too