Electroplating line
Automatic quincunx barrel galvanized production line

Quincunx barrel galvanized production line, used for phosphating, low cost electroplating, mainly used for phosphating iron and steel surface

Product Description

Phosphating technology: The phosphating process is a reactive deposition process. The uniformity of the film thickness is due to the electroplating and non-electrolyte coating process. It is more and more widely used in high-strength fasteners and automotive fasteners. Foreign fastener traders require domestic manufacturers to use the phosphating process as the surface treatment process for fasteners, but there are not many people who know how the phosphating process affects the performance of fasteners.

Phosphating film can be divided into many types from the component: iron, zinc, zinc calcium, zinc manganese, pure manganese, etc., but if distinguished from the crystalline state of the phosphating film, there are only two types: namely needle (leaf) shape and hemispherical shape. Except for pure manganese phosphating, the crystalline state of other phosphate coatings is needle (leaf) shape.

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