Electroplating line
Automatic semiconductor plating line

Integrated circuit manufacturing has higher and higher requirements for the performance of electroplated gold, such as coating uniformity, roughness, hardness, shear stress, weldability, etc. However, as long as the appropriate electroplating equipment system and appropriate electroplating solution are selected and the relevant parameters are well controlled, the gold coating with better performance can still be obtained to meet the needs of the industry.

Product Description

Gold plating process flow gold plating process flow in integrated circuits:

① Sputter titanium, titanium tungsten and other metals on silicon wafer as adhesive layer, and then sputter a thin layer of gold as electroplated conductive layer;

② Coating photoresist and photolithography to develop the graphics required for electroplating;

③ Electroplate gold after cleaning;

④ Remove photoresist;

⑤ A conductive layer other than the etched pattern;

⑥ Annealing.

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