Maintenance of electroplating solution filter

Feb. 18, 2022   |   463 views

Filter cleaning

The gauge pressure display shall be observed in time during use.If the gauge pressure does not rise all the time, it means that the filter element is not installed properly, and there is weak liquid leakage, it should be disassembled and reinstalled.When the gauge pressure is close to the red line mark, it indicates that the filter element has been seriously blocked and the actual flow is very small. The filter element should be disassembled and taken out for cleaning;If the pointer has reached the range marked by the red line, it must be cleaned.

The filter element shall be washed carefully, carefully and repeatedly.For potassium chloride zinc plating solution and nickel plating solution, the filter element is sometimes difficult to clean, and there are too many yellow blockages (mostly iron hydroxide precipitation), which can be further cleaned after soaking in dilute hydrochloric acid solution for a period of time.However, it is strictly forbidden to soak the plating solution that is afraid of C1 – such as acid copper, bright acid tin and chromium plating, otherwise it will not be washed completely (there has been a serious accident in large-scale production that workers wash the filter element of bright acid copper filter and soak it in hydrochloric acid, resulting in too much C1 – being difficult to deal with and scrapping the plating solution).The upper edge of the filter cartridge shall be cleaned and there shall be no foreign matter on the O-ring.The tightening degree of all bolts shall be moderate. If they are too loose, the sealing is poor, and if they are too tight, the sliding wire is easy to be damaged.

Cleaning and corrosion protection

A good habit of taking good care of equipment shall be formed.In some places, the dust on the filter is very thick and there are a lot of salt crystals, which are not cleaned.The exposed parts of the shaft should be protected with a thin layer of butter. Many places are seriously rusted and will not be treated.When washing with water, water cannot enter the motor and power switch box.It’s best to scrub in time rather than rinse with water.