Process features of Alkaline Galvanized Plating

Mar. 08, 2022   |   505 views

Alkaline galvanizing process is suitable for rack galvanizing and barrel galvanizing. The coating is soft, bright and easy to chromate passivation.

Process features

– It is suitable for hanging galvanizing and rolling galvanizing production.
– The coating is soft, bright and easy to chromate passivation.
– Bright zinc coating can be obtained in a wide range of current density.
– Suitable for low cyanide zinc plating to reduce environmental pollution.
– Wide process range, easy operation and control.
– Most cyanide galvanizing processes can directly supplement this brightener for cylinder rotation.

Selection of plating solution

If the low potential of the workpiece is obvious and the moving requirements are high, the formula with lower concentration and higher NaCN / Zn ratio (e.g. 2.3-2.5) should be adopted.
For small parts with low or high potential (such as barrel plating of screw head), high concentration formula and low NaCN / Zn ratio (such as 1.8-2) should be adopted to improve production efficiency.

Equipment requirements

Plating bath materials: steel or plastic lined with plastic.
Circulating filtration: the filter pump can filter the plating solution at least four times in one hour.